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Model Recommendation

Model Performance Prediction and Recommender

Our Model Recommender can predict how a machine learning model will perform on a particular dataset. This means you can avoid the brute-force approach when choosing the best model for you data. Instead of training hundreds of models, you can simply focus on the top few recommended by the Model Recommender. We also provide a cost-time-performance trade-off view of the recommendations so that you can choose the model best suited to your business needs. The Model Recommender provides the actual figures as well as star ratings for the following metrics for all the machine learning model templates available for a given task:

  • Model performance (prediction error rate, accuracy, confidence interval, etc.)
  • One-time effort (in terms of computation time) required for training and its cost,
  • Ongoing deployment cost (per 1000 API calls or per hour, depending upon the type of the model)
  • Response time of deployed API