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Evaluating a model on new labelled data

This section show you how to evaluate a model based on new labeled data on the AI & Analytics Engine via

  • Using the GUI
  • Using API access through SDK

Using the GUI

GUI support is planned but is not yet available

Using API access through SDK

To access the API functions, you need to first authenticate into the platform by the following

from aiaengine import api

client = api.Client()

Import modules

Then you need to import the following modules required in the next steps.

import requests

from aiaengine.api import app

Get URL endpoint of the deployed model

In order to use a deployed model for further evaluation, you need to get the URL endpoint (see an example below) once the model deployment becomes active.

get_deployment_response = client.apps.GetDeployment(

assert get_deployment_response.status == 'active'

get_endpoint_response = client.apps.GetEndpoint(

endpoint_url = get_endpoint_response.url

>>> ''

Save evaluation results of the predicted data into a file

Now you can make evaluation on new data using endpoint_url. See our example below

with open('./path/to/new_data.csv') as file:
    data_for_evaluation = file.readlines()

response =
    endpoint_url + '/evaluation',
    headers={'Content-Type': 'text/csv'}

assert response.status_code == 200

with open('./path/to/new_data_evaluation.jsonl', 'w') as file: