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Before You Begin

This section gives information on how to authuenticate into AI & Analytics Engine using the SDK for users preferring to work with API access.

SDK and System Requirements

AI & Analytics Engine's API access is made available in the form of a SDK. We strongly recommend that you use this SDK rather than manually compose payloads and post them using curl or some other command-line tool.

System Requirements: You need a Linux operating system (such as the latest Ubuntu distribution) along with a python3 (recommended version >= 3.6). Additional python packages such as numpy, pandas, scipy, seaborn, and plotly may be used in a few examples in the documentation pages, but are not required for running the SDK and API access.

Setting up your local environment for API access

You first need to setup an environment variable called AIA_ENGINE_CONFIG_FILE, which stores the path of a configuration file. A good practice is to make a .aiaengine folder in your home directory, and put a command to define the environment variable in your .bashrc file:

$ grep -n -H "AIA_ENGINE_CONFIG_FILE" ~/.bashrc
/home/new-user/.bashrc:122:export AIA_ENGINE_CONFIG_FILE="/home/new-user/.aiaengine/config.json"

Here is the template you need to follow for the config.json file. Simply fill in your the email address you used for your registration, and your AI & Analytics Engine password:

  "target": "",
  "secure": true,
  "auth": {
    "provider": "email_password",
    "data": {
        "email": "",
        "password": "qwerty123"

Installing the SDK

Download the aiaengine_sdk.whl file from the URL provided to you. Then install the python package by issuing the command:

$ pip install /path/to/aiaengine_sdk.whl

Authenticating into the Engine using the SDK

You will first need to authenticate into the platform, using your credentials you saved in the configuration file. To do so, use the following

from aiaengine import api

client = api.Client()

The client is authenticated using the credentials provided in the config.json file whose path is accessed by Python using the environment variable AIA_ENGINE_CONFIG_FILE.