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This section shows how to create, modify and list apps for a dataset in AI & Analytics Engine using

  • Using the GUI
  • Using API access through SDK

Using the GUI

Creating an app for a dataset

Creating an app for a dataset can be accomplished in one of two methods. Either create it from the dashboard by clicking on the "+ NEW APP" rectangle, or, from within the project, hover the mouse above the '+' icon in the bottom right corner of the screen and then click on the "NEW APP" button. Example:

  • First method

  • Second method

Once any of these options is selected, the "NEW APP" menu will appear. It is a two-steps menu which requires the user to first assign an app name, the related dataset to the app and the name of the target column for that app. Then, the app can be created with the default configuration, which means an 80/20 train/test split or with an advanced configuration that allows the user to change the train/test split size. For example, in deep learning applications with massive data sets one can see splits more extreme than 99/1.

Step 1 Step 2

Once finished, the app is created and the user can retrieve information out of it.

App information

The app summary displays the app status, the problem type (which is automatically determined from the prior user selection of the target column), the related dataset, the target column, and the models and deployments attached to the app. Moreover, once models are trained the user is also supplied with some visual metrics of the models' performance curves. Both modes are presented below:

Updating an app

To update the app details (Name/Description) you enter the app menu and select "SETTINGS" in the tabs ribbon. After filling the updated details you press the "SAVE" button to update. NOTICE: Currently, the train/test ratio cannot be changed as part of an update.

Deleting an app

In the app menu, select the garbage bin icon in the right side of the tabs ribbon. It will open the "Delete App" menu where you can confirm you want to delete the app.

Listing apps within a project

You can see all the apps contained in a project by returning to the dashboard. The project and its app are clearly represented by rectangular UI elements with linkage UI elements. A project UI element contains information like how many apps are related to it.

Using API access through SDK

To access the API functions, you must first authenticate into the platform by

from aiaengine import api

client = api.Client()

Importing app

Next you need to import app in order to call functions involved in this module.

from aiaengine.api import app

Creating an app for a dataset

Now you can add a new app by specifying the required parameter values as follows.

create_app_response = client.apps.CreateApp(
        name='App Name',
        description='What is this app about',

app_id =

Once created, an app is assigned with a unique id, which is frequently used in relevant operations that involve this app.

Retrieving information of an app

Then you can get information of an app by specifying the app id.


Updating an app

You can also change the name and description of an app with input of the app id.

        name='Updated App',
        description='This app has been updated'

Deleting an app

Once an app is no longer in use, you can remove it by providing the app id.


Listing apps within a project

For a particular project, you can list all apps involved in this project by specifying the project id.