Dataset Download

AI&A Engine provides users with the capability to download their datasets in a few different file formats: CSV, Json Lines, or Parquet. With this feature, users can leverage the Engine to transform RAW datasets into their desired format, then download it for continued use in an external environment.

Users can trigger dataset download from:

  • Dataset Table page: Automatically downloads the latest version of the dataset
  • Dataset Detail page: Users can specify which version of the dataset to download

download-dataset-quick-access download-different-version-from-summary

Users can then select the desired file format (CSV, Json Lines, or Parquet) for Download. The Engine will begin exporting the Dataset once the user clicks on Download. The exporting process may take several minutes depending on the dataset size, and can be monitored via the circular progress bar.

Note: Exported dataset will be stored in the cache for 7 days to be available for immediate download.


Upon completion of the exporting process, the download will begin automatically via the browser.

Users will also receive a notification and an email with the download link.